BLACK MARKET SPECIAL began when Jason Hall and former drummer Daniel Edwards met. They immediately clicked and wrote over 200 original songs over several years. After many lineup changes, 2008 saw the entrance of Jeff Hall on Drums and Josh Taylor on Rythm/lead guitar.  Shortly after, bass player Simon fell in to place. Undaunted, BMS treks forward…

BLACK MARKET SPECIAL thrives on originality. With the talent of all four members they are quickly establishing a strong fan base throughout the southeast. Accompanied by powerful riffs and melodic sounds, their strong thoughts and feelings are conveyed through their lyrics. The band name was derived from the concept that like the BLACK MARKET, they offer something that is not readily available these days, truly original rock at its best!



HOME TOWN: Hell’s Half Acre, NC

HOBBIES: Playing Drums, Old Records, Camping.

INFLUENCES: Family, Metallica, G-N-R, Pantera, Tool, Pearl Jam, David Gates and Bread, Old Country Music, Jim Croce, The Doors, all Classical.

QUOTE: “you just get here????”

Jason’s desire in music has been an inspiration in his songwriting since childhood. Being a multi-talented musician has given him the ability to write from any musician’s point of view. Music has always allowed Jason to release his deepest emotions through powerful vocals and gripping riffs. It was just a matter of time before Black Market Special was established. By opening a band’s mind to his views, the band opened him to the world.


HOME TOWN:  Fayetteville, NC

HOBBIES:  Outdoor activities, billiards, movies, video games

INFLUENCES: Everything from Classical to Metal

QUOTE: “ The best that I am is all that I am. ”

Jeff started playing music at an early age. He played drums with various seasoned musicians as he honed his skills. He was formerly a member of a heavy metal band until their dismembering in 2005. Jeff set out searching for other musicians with the same drive and determination to bring music to the masses. Black Market Special soon found him and in doing so he found what he was looking for.


HOMETOWN: Jacksonville , NC

HOBBIES: Traveling, outdoors, Camping, fishing. Playing music, video games.

INFLUENCES:  80′s rock and metal bands like  GnR and metallica

QUOTE:   “Let’s do it!”

Josh’s interest in music began at the age of 14 when he was given a bass guitar. He quickly developed his skills and later picked up the guitar which has become his instrument of choice throughout the years. Music has always been a driving force in his life. Being a life long friend of Black Market Special’s frontman Jason, it was inevitable they would connect musically. Now Josh commands a legion of sounds through his gripping lead work amongst the ranks of Black Market Special’s army of talent.


HOMETOWN:  Hell’s Half Acre, NC

HOBBIES: Watchin TV, drinkin beer, playin guitar or bass, (not so much bass)

INFLUENCES: Killswitch Engage, Pantera, 80′s Metal

QUOTE:   “Rraaahhhrraarrrrnn”

Simon grew up as a fan and musician of rock and metal. After meeting Black Market Special several years ago he became a big fan and started traveling around with them, helping out. After becoming like brothers with the whole crew it was inevitable that after the bass player position became available that Simon (a multi-talented musician) would be the one for the job. Now Black Market Special, never feeling so complete in its entire line up history drives forward (on a prison bus) ripping its way through rock and metal history both locally and nationally.